Waiting for youtube :-<

Went to see The Ting Ting’s last night.  It wasn’t a long gig, so when I got home I fired together a nice little video, wrote a blog post, started to upload the video to youtube to include in post and that’s the stage I’ve been stuck at for almost a day now.  Keep trying to upload the video and it just sits there saying it is uploading.

So I figured it was like a watched kettle I stopped watching it.  Went out for a walk, took some pics…

river traffic lights


I also discovered “God is coming”

God is Coming

[more photos from today]

so I went for a coffee, pottered around…  and I’m still trying to upload that Ting Tings video – Bummer!

2 Responses to Waiting for youtube :-<

  1. Poppadom says:

    Glad you made it to the gig.. When we were queuing in there were a few ppl trying to get rid of spare tickets they’d had (friends hadn’t turned up or something.. def not touts).

    I thought it was a good gig, it was fun though short… but they only have one album so I don’t know what else they could’ve done. Better a show that’s short and good than a longer one with dull fillers. Anyhow, what I meant to do was ask if you saw the support Modernaire? And if so, what did you think? We thought they were brill.. reminded me of the the Chalets, but maybe that’s just because of the two-girl thing. And the dancing, definitely.

  2. Chris says:

    If you’re ever in the mood for a ‘photo walk’ give me a ring. I have photo walk buddies all over the place. It’s fun to play Who Can Spot the Shot First game.

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