The Ting Tings

This has to be the most catchy infectious songs around, and the sound is so simple, well structured gradually building to an energetic ending – just great….

The Ting Tings with ‘What’s My Name’ on Jonathan Ross,

Also the same song on…

‘Later With Jools Holland’
the official video
even an ‘unplugged’ type session for MTV

This track ‘What’s My Name’ is just released for download and the album is out soon.  The first time I heard this I thought it was very early 80s / post punk sound, then I saw their influences listed on facebook (yes finally a good use of facebook) include the likes of Kate Bush, Talking Heads, The Police, Singing in the rain (which is a great thing to list as a musical influence) Velvet Underground, Joni Mitchell, Blondy… all great stuff.

Then I discovered that they are playing the QM in Glasgow in a couple of weeks :-) but it is already sold out :-( so if anyone reads this and knows of any tickets going spare let me know.

Go search for The Ting Tings, there do have other songs, I’ve liked everything I’ve found so far.

3 Responses to The Ting Tings

  1. It’s a good record :) but I can’t help but wonder where the other musicians are sitting…surely they’re not playing along with a backing track?

  2. Chris says:

    So THAT’s who those guys are. I’ve bopped around in my kitchen many a time when both of their singles have come on wondering who the band was. Thanks for the info.

  3. Poppadom says:

    They’re fab! Missed them on Jonathan Ross but thanks for posting the link. Didn’t even think of checking Youtube. Xfm have been playing them loads recently… I think we only booked our tickets last weekend, when I went to their myspace site and discovered they were going to be playing at QMU. Once the iTunes ad is out they’re going to be HUGE.

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