Inappropriate clothing for worship :-<

I managed to go to a little of the Worship Central event yesterday. I think this was their first time in Scotland, and unfortunatly I was only able to get along to the opening session and couldn’t stick around all day.

However what I got to had some great worship (even with the lack of any visuals which would have been nice) and a good talk, and even time for some prayer ministry. During this ministry set the speaker gave several calls to come forward for various reasons and several times said things along the lines of coming forward “to remove the garment of Despair and put on joy” .. “take off that garment of Despair”… etc…

It was at this point that I realised that today had been the wrong day wear my new Tshirt purchased online from Despair, Inc – which has this on the back of the neck….

despair logo

Granted this logo is only in small print but I was very aware of it and eventually I did go up for prayer (for non-clothing related reasons) and was glad to have done so, but I was pleased that nobody decided that this had been a literal ‘word’ and tried to remove my T-shirt of Despair – ’cause I didn’t have much else with me :-/

One Response to Inappropriate clothing for worship :-<

  1. lynn says:

    Hi Grayza

    Best thing I have read for ages…chortling away here … :-)

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