Last night was good. Last night, was encouraging. Last night a few folk got together and shared some ideas and dreams, what we think our ministries might be and how God might be using these things. It was a time to encourage, pray, brainstorm, dream…

Tonight, is the only full evening I’ve got this week to do a fairly large video job. If I manage to get enough done then I don’t need to work on it as much over the weekend (which would be good as I’m going away and would like to have some time to relax, mix and meet folk). So home – start clearing out space on the lap top to start a new project (this means moving two unfinished projects off to external storage, one of which is taking over two hours to copy over).

Then I discoverd I had nothing to eat so had to pop to the shops, then I got a phone call saying that stsilas and building for the future websites were both down. So I had to start looking into this, including calling a friend who is on holiday but is the only person with admin access, we had to diagnose what was going on and eventually email support. Hopefully this will be back up soon.

Finally (while still waiting for the file archiving to complete to free up enough disk space) I started a new video project, set up all the files ready for grabbing new footage from tape and now I am just about ready to start. It is now 9:30, so realistically I only have about 2 hours of useful work tonight, which just isn’t enough – so I’m frustrated, a little tired already and not feeling very inspired or creative. I will try to do the ‘leg work’ of logging material and choosing shots but really could do with an extra day this week :—<

Update at 10:30pm – possibly another ‘distraction’ but I just remembered I had to make a DVD for this weekend and really I think this is the only chance I’ll get so have just managed to fling that together and start it burning. So still haven’t started to even look at the footage for the new project.

Update at 2am – three and a half hours to review, mark and capture 66min of footage (15Gb) from 98min of recorded footage. Next problem is how to edit that down to 10min, but that’s for tomorrow…

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