Taking Photos in public

I’ve thought about this a lot, but never got around to looking into it so now that I’ve stumbled across this I need to note it here.

My understanding is that you can take photos of anything you want in a public place – you don’t need permission of people or copyright owners or property owners. Later, if you want to publish or use photos (especially for profit) it is a bit more tricky. It is obviously better to get consent if you want to use them like this and also it is polite in many cases if you are getting in people’s way or if they are the main subject of the photo. Anyway, lots more info….

UK Photographers Rights

Photography and The Law: know your rights
(US law, but good advice)

I have no idea how much of this is also relevant to video work done in public so if anyone comes across this and knows more feel free to comment.

Now that I know this I’ll publish this photo which I took last month. I was taking pics of the mirrors in a shop window when this moment just happened – I’ve not asked her permission, but it was very obvious that she was walking through the shot, I’m not sure if she was looking to see what was worth taking photos of or just checking herself out but I really like the moment.


What’s even better is that my understanding of all this legal stuff is that I can take the photo with her in it, I don’t need permission to publish it but I have full copyright on it – so don’t copy!

One Response to Taking Photos in public

  1. nice pic. I’m sure I know her ;)

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