Good Friday ! Labyrinth

Over a hundred people went through the Labyrinth at St Silas today.  A lot of those who came weren’t St Silas ‘regulars’ and lots haven’t been to a Labyrinth at all before or hadn’t been to a Good Friday themed one.

As well as giving people the opportunity to leave anonymose written feedback I asked a few people if they wouldn’t mind being interviewed on camera about their feelings having gone around the labyrinth.  It was great to get so much face to face feedback from people and to hear first hand how this technique or ‘tool’ for meeting with God touched them in so many different ways.

Someone was reminded of something in the way their mum told them the Easter story at one of the stations and went around thinking about it all as if they were a child again. Lots of people liked the tactile elements, feeling how heavy the cross may have been for example.  People liked taking it at their own pace and how different that was compared to coming to church and going at the pace of whatever is going on.  Someone mentioned that the point when Simon carries the cross for Jesus it made them see that even he needed help and accepted it from Simon – so it is OK to ask for help from others.

This was all really encouraging, because most of this stuff wasn’t actually in the material we put together but was generated by the use of the material and individuals meeting with God.  It was also fantastic to look around during the tear down at the end of a busy couple of days to see so many people had turned up to help!  We turned the building round in under two hours, taking everything apart, packing it up and getting all the chairs out ready for Sunday morning…  here’s the time lapse…

direct link to youtube video

It’s been squished from 16:9 widescreen to 4:3 so if I get time I’ll fix this and put up another video but this is still fun.

2 Responses to Good Friday ! Labyrinth

  1. Ryan Dunne says:

    I thought the Labryinth was excellent, well done to all involved.

  2. Heather says:

    Love the video Graham! It made me laugh out loud :-)

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