Future Me

March 8, 2008

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Does it make much sense?

Why not talk to your future self by sending an email using Future Me?

This web site sends an email to your email address at a given date in the future (obviously – if it could send an email to a date in the past you could really mess with your life).

Andy Parsons

March 8, 2008
I really wasn’t feeling very well last night, one of those slowly building headaches that usually ends in a migraine. But I still managed to go to The Garage on Sauchiehall Street to see Andy Parsons.This is the first time I’ve managed to go to anything that was part of Glasgow Comedy Festival even though I live a stones throw from The Stand comedy club on Woodlands Road.Andy Parsons (best known from BBCs Mock the Week) was good. My experince of live comedy is that there is always too much searing and it is often crude sexual jokes as sexist and racist material just isn’t acceptable any more. So with this in mind Andy Parsons’ wasn’t too bad at all (OK he did swear a lot but nothing that the act was built on).

The show was a mix of improvised audience interaction – why anyone would ever sit on the front row of a comedy act is beyond me – observational comedy and political satire that lasted around two hours. The time passed very quickly with constant belly laughs and giggles, yet nothing that I can share here, for example the rant about 100% wholewheat Shredded Wheat just won’t work second hand :-)

the garage
Andy Parsons
Glasgow Comedy Festival
The Stand

The Garage

It was strange being in The Garage again after so many years. When I was a student I lived in Baird Hall right next door and this venue was regularly hired for our Christmas and end of year parties. So my memory of it is wearing a hired Tux or kilt and with the place filled with people you knew – always a great atmosphere. Now it is just one of those places that I walk past every day on the way home from work and often has a queue of teens dressed entirely in black waiting for the latest metal sensation. The queue often makes my laugh by the amount of effort that they are each going to to look more grungy than each other and trying to be cool by looking ‘different’ yet managing to look exactly the same as each other – don’t you just love ‘youth tribes’