A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a couple of American friends who both said they didn’t have TVs partially at least because they found the license fee ridiculous.  I patriotically started to defend the concept pointing out that the BBC provided radio and web content, but I didn’t feel I had a very strong argument.

Then today I found out about TWO fantastic new dramas that I really do only thing could be produced by the BBC.

10 Days to War

Is a series of eight short dramas with top stars with each episode taking the viewer into a dramatised version of what is now known about what was going on five years to the day on the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.  I think this is a really interesting idea, but in addition to a high quality (hopefully) drama as this is being broadcast in conjunction with Newsnight (BBC2 premier news program) each one will will be followed by a discussion “with some of the real players portrayed in the drama and other key figures involved at the time.” according to The Editors blog.

Starts 10th March 10:30.

The Passion

Again, something that the BBC does really well.  The blurb here says “The Passion is the retelling of the last week of Jesus’s life from three different viewpoints: the religious authorities, the Romans and Jesus himself”

bbc passion

Four episodes (16th, 17th, 22nd & 23rd March), fantastic cast, and a very good web site companion to go with it including a ‘get involved’ section.

So could anyone other than the BBC produce these things?  I doubt it, and certainly not with the web sites and other additional features and teaching materials available…..  makes me feel a little better about paying for the license fee.

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