Flame proof fabric

Potentially the most boring blog post ever, however each time I go looking for ‘flame proof’ fabric I have forgotten how to find it so here is a memo for myself and perhaps something that will help anyone who arrives here looking for flame proof, fire proof, flame retardant, fire retardant or flame resistant material.

The key thing is (and it is important) you can’t flame proof anything so stop thinking about it as flame proof – eventually with the right conditions the best treated material will catch fire. So what you are looking for is flame or fire retardant fabric. Next, the proper terminology is ..

  • Not FR (Not Flame-Retardant)
  • FR (Flame-Retardant)
  • NDFR (Non Durably Flame-Retardant)
  • DFR (Durably Flame-Retardant)
  • IFR (Inherently Flame-Retardant)

More information here

So if you are looking for this sort of thing – search for “DFR fabric” and I’d also add “Theatrical” or “Exhibition” – apparently, and I’ve not checked this out myself, exhibition suppliers have fabric which is for one off uses, so slightly cheaper but not as durable compared to theater use and also not as large scale.

Anyway, at the moment and in no particular order the links I’ve found for UK Flame Retardant fabrics seem to be…

Just to make a point, and add some interest to a bland blog post, here is what happened when some flame-retardant fabric was in contact with (laying loosely against) a halogen flood light like this…

floodlight which gets hot when in use the result was…


The small square above the main scorched area is where the screw is on the light and the white lines at the bottom of the scorch is where the fabric has burnt right through.

While this didn’t actually catch fire there was a strong smell of burning and a little ‘smoke’ but with normal fabric I think it could have been much worse. So get the right fabric and be careful of placement of heat sources!

3 Responses to Flame proof fabric

  1. disco inferno baby, yeah!

  2. elsbeth says:

    Definitely NOT the most boring blog post ever. You have made my day very much less stressful with some very useful references. Thanks!

  3. Hassie says:

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