Deep Impact

As mentioned in passing, a team from DeepRiver recently led the worship at Deep Impact (Scotland’s National Youthwork Training event). However we did Interpret ‘leading worship’ to be a lot more than just having a band play some music to sing along to – hopefully there is always more to ‘leading worship’ than this.

Deep Impact stage set up

So, as well as music we used visuals (obviously), liturgy, readings, meditations, posture, response, etc. in the main sessions and the late night worship slot that we led. We also set up some small ‘worship stations’ for personal reflection and for people to interact with around the conference center and we took one seminar.

Most of the seminars were recorded and are now online. I tend to avoid ‘up front’ so being one of the three of us who spoke at this seminar wasn’t the best thing about the weekend for me. Having listened to it again today – what we said was good, but I really do mumble a lot :-)

Here is a direct link to our session for posterity (or at least till the site is rebuilt for next year).

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