Brokenness ? hmm

I’ve been putting together a DVD of videos on the theme of Brokenness – sort of .

At least it kind of started off as “Brokenness” and has been in my mind as “Brokenness” because that was the subject line of the email from a friend who is: “…leading a seminar on worship with vulnerable children. … I wondered if you had any suitable images to hand – I’m looking for either brokenness or restoration. Like the one… “

So, apart from the one mentioned in the email a few things came to mind, specifically some old stuff we got ages ago that I had to trawl through old VHS tapes to find. So I found all that, messed around with some stills we have, and spent about a week off and on tweaking some things and just mulling the concept over.

The nice thing is that during this process I had been focusing on ‘Brokenness’ and the idea of ‘vulnerable children’ or ‘troubled teens’ yet a lot of the videos have turned out with a positive edge and have included a lot of the ‘restoration’ and ‘being made free’ which I had forgotten about from the original email. Just shows who’s in charge when I think I’m doing all the work?

Anyway, while working on this someone sent me a link to the following video, which also in a strange way fitted with this theme. “The story of a Kiwi who spends his whole life working towards achieving his dream.” IMDB

( direct link if you can’t view the above )

If you want more of this.. the original version (original sound track) and an alternative ending are worth a look.

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