Walled Nativity

December 23, 2007

There was an article about this in yesterday’s Independent (can’t find a link to it I’m afraid).  The Nativity scene with a political statement has a wall separating the wise men from the stable.

walled nativity

The wall represents the 230-mile, six-metre high wall, topped with barbed wire and lined with guard towers, that encircles Palestine – and Bethlehem (where this is made).  Amos Trust, who are selling this say: “This is a nativity set with a difference. In 2007 the wise men won’t get to the stable.”

However, the larger version for use in churches comes “complete with a detachable separation barrier that can be replaced by a more traditional stable” presumably this helps us to keep the illusion of good will on earth and peace to all men?

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Carol Service

December 23, 2007

Photos from this year’s Carol Service are now on the St Silas Flickr Site.