Demotivators from Despair

December 3, 2007

Continuing the emerging Christmas theme I seem to have started for December, I came across this site which is right up my street. The site is called which has some fantastic demotivational products, like The Pessimist’s Mug…

pessimist’s mug

… and of course there Tshirts or “DispairWear“, which is where the Christmas link comes in with this latest design of Santa having a bad day.

Christmas Demotivator

I also, like the way the folk modeling get into that fed up look, and the following “ethical statement”

“These aren’t some thick, itchy tees made in China by underfed children. Impossibly soft and comfortable, these shirts are proudly made in USA by shady and/or skanky-looking underfed 20-somethings who tend to like their shirts small and form-fitting. Customers are recommended to consider ordering a size larger than their standard t-shirt size if they are not familiar with the fit of American Apparel shirts or do not suffer from malnutrition.”