November 26, 2007

I watched “Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work” on BBC tonight – well most of it, had to wait till The Gadget Show finished.  It was fairly interesting but I wondered if the Queen watched it at any stage and saw all the preparations that happen behind the scenes before she gets somewhere and even while she is there.

All those people setting up and making things happen and go smoothly but never actually participate on the ‘show’ that goes on around her.

Radiance 07 – Glasgow Festival of Light

November 25, 2007

Radiance is part of Glasgow’s “Winterfest” (not sure how I feel about Winterfest – seems to gloss over Christmas too much but at least it pulls great events like this). Over the course of this weekend unique lighting, video and audio-visual displays were installed in various places through the city center -well Merchant City area really

Radiance07-1Radiance07-2  Radiance07-3



Rottenrow Gardens and some of the buildings of Strathclyde University were lit in interesting ways.  The low level lights shining on paths and plants picked out architectural details and changed the way the space was used.  In fact one of the delights about wandering around the city on a dark cold evening looking at all this visual art was the number of other people doing the same thing which made for a strangely mellow, but fun sense of community.

Some buildings were lit to show their architectural detail – Ramshorn was bathed in slowly changing LED lighting.  Other placed had AV displays set up.

The third photo shows what was described as ‘social sculpture, a performance and a video screening.  I didn’t think much of the actual video (or accompanying audio) but the setting was incredible – located in a dodgy back alley that I’ve never noticed before and certainly wouldn’t have ventured up at any other time of day or night other than the fact that a massive screen was hung between the buildings to create this spectacle.

The big show-case area seemed to be Glasgow Cathedral where the scale of the building was used very well to project onto two sides to match an audio track.  It was captivating, but I’m not sure if there was supposed to be a narrative that I missed.

There wasn’t time to go around everything and some pieces were small scale, stand alone others required participation.  My favorite was three massive led lightboxes set up in John Street between the City Chambers building called Triptych.  This was totally interactive in that if people simply stood and looked at the lights they gradually faded and stopped doing anything, but as people moved around in front of them, fast or slow, close or not-so – simply the more attention that is paid to these large boxes of light the more they do.  The sound system backing all this up as good too -heavy loud bass mostly, very good.

Return of The Mighty Boosh

November 16, 2007

New series of The Mighty Boosh on BBC3 tonight.  Great – surreal – occasionally rude comedy relocated from the zoo to a small shop this time, but really this has little to do with location or indeed reality or much that you have ever heard of before.

Mighty Boosh on Comic Relief 2007

Went to see their live show last year which, although I’d caught them occasionally before, this was really how I first ‘got it’.  This is not a show that you can dip in and out of, it takes time ti figure out that you aren’t going to figure it out, it’s just going to happen.

One think though – I don’t like the moon (not Howard Moon character, the actual moon) it kind of creeps me out.

“I know what you’re thinking …. don’t think that!”

Online Music

November 13, 2007

Found Songza.com which is a nice and simple way of finding music to remind you of how it goes or just to listen to online.

Simply search for a song title or artist and you can listen to the track – no downloading –  just listen to it there and then.  You can also make up play lists so that you can keep searching while listening and simply add more tracks to listen to.

There are a few of these sorts of sites around.  Last FM is probably the best known, but I found it difficult to use and a bit too many features.

Combine this site with one of those sites where you hum the tune to your computer and it identifies the name of the tune, then search on here to listen to the track…  what did people do before the Internet?


November 10, 2007

Great news today as Glasgow won the bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Glasgow 2014

This is really exciting, and will be great for the city.  However, as a Council Tax payer and Glasgow resident I am concerned about exactly what event I’ll have to compete in.

Most people don’t seem to have caught on to this small print in the bid yet.  Not only does every Glasgow resident have to compete, but all track events will be run in full track suit and Burberry baseball cap and a new field event of throwing the Buckfast bottle.  Good luck Glasgow!

Postmodern stained glass

November 1, 2007

Taken from this article about modern innovations the church should use…

“Video Technologies – postmodern stained glass

The medieval church used stained glass to tell the gospel story in pictures. We’re using screens to tell the gospel story in moving pictures. Jesus isn’t just the Word of God. He is also the Image of God. The Church needs to communicate in images!”

Couldn’t put it better myself :-)


November 1, 2007

What’s up with the poppies this year? I think it is important to mark Remembrance Day on the 11 November each year, and I always thought that you were supposed to wear a poppy for the 11 days of November leading up to that day (can’t find any evidence for that, I just think it was the way we did it at school).

I’m not too ‘religious’ about this, not like I wont leave the house without a poppy but I do like to have one. However, this year all I can find is the ones with a plastic stem. Have the pins gone out of fashion or have they been banned for health and safety reasons or are these now offensive weapons?

DeepRiver is proud to support The Poppy Appeal

Anyway, in trying to discover why there are no metal pined poppies around I discovered that you can signup to support this appeal in an online way – the PoppE appeal (I’m glad they didn’t call it the iPoppy! )  So I am pleased to say that DeepRiver (“Scotland’s premier visual resource provider for Christian worship” – says me), is now a proud supporter of the Poppy Appeal :-)

I still need to find a safety pin.