MAC support

As mentioned yesterday – my MAC broke. I wont go into the ins and outs of what went wrong or even how it was fixed but I will compare this experience to my experience of Windows/PC based support both by telephone and in person in the unlucky and consistently miserable occasions when I have had to visit P-spit-C-spit-World.

The first bit was most difficult – finding my Apple Protection Plan information, because it was way up on a shelf and I had to stand up to get to it. That trauma over the rest was easy!

Telephone support (based in Ireland by the accent) took a little time to verify who I was and that I had purchased the APP thing – because I’ve owned several MACs through work for around 5 years and this is the first time I’ve had to call on support. That done we tried several things which were easy to follow but didn’t resolve the problem so I was faced with a re-install. Never good news on any computer – I thought.

“Would you like to keep all your existing software, data and settings” said the nice man on the phone.


“No problem, we’ll do an Archive and Install”

OK so in Windows you can do a similar thing but in my experience it often doesn’t resolve the problems and you are left with two sets of massive files clogging up your system. Also, with the Windows install you have to baby-sit the system which requires user input at various points between long periods of waiting. Archive and Install option on the MAC meant booting from the installation disk choosing one option and answering two easy questions about 20min later job done.

However, my machine is no longer my friend. It looks like it did when I first got it. My data is there and the applications but if I open them they all have default settings, nothing is where I put it or how I left it. Normally I would have thought Oh well that’s life, I’ll need to start from scratch but no! Glasgow now has an Apple Store!

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