MACs vs PC – my take on the debate.

September 11, 2007

I used to participate in the PCs vs MAC war, slagging off MACs because I worked with PCs using DOS \ Windows but also UNIX and even IBMs OS2!

Then when I got into video editing it made sense to get a MAC, so for a number of years now I’ve used PCs at work and MACs at home (with a lot of crossover between the two). I then discovered that there was equal disdain on each side of the argument that is MAC users saying how useless a PC is and PC users just can’t find there way around a MAC which makes it a useless tool.

My theory is that it is fear of the unknown.

Certainly when I first worked on a MAC I felt lost, I had over 10 years of working with computers and it was as if I was sitting in front of a machine for the first time. So I felt useless and therefore ‘tricked’, after all – I’m an expert, these applications should recognise my Jedi like power and move around the screen in deference to my superior being.

On the MAC NOTHING was where I expected it to be. I couldn’t find anything, I couldn’t right click as there was only one mouse button, I couldn’t even figure out how to shut the machine back down or eject the CD!!!

But, after overcoming this initial learning curve I started to enjoy using the MAC and made a fairly quick decision that I was going to remain as a MAC user – in other words I didn’t want to fiddle about with the configuration. I have to do that with PCs at work so I don’t want to get in to it too much with the MACs. Working on the MAC became a pleasure because you don’t mess with it and it doesn’t mess with you.

PCs take some effort to maintain and service. My MAC just works!

Until yesterday – when it stopped working