Movies: Rush Hour 3

September 6, 2007

Rush Hour was great, as a Jackie Chan fan it was good to see him breaking into mainstream Hollywood movies. I also liked Rush Hour 2, so roll on Rush Hour 3.

rushhour The plot isn’t very relevant, basically Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker get together again in order to fight the bad guys and this time have to travel to Paris to do so. Other than that this is a simple collection of visual gags and action scenes. There are some great jokes, the French taxi drive is a highlight.

I don’t think any of Jackie Chan’s work is as good as his early stuff and it would have been great to see him in a well produced and high budget film like this when he was in his prime. I thought this was a good film, no great surprises, you get what you would expect from a Rush Hour film.


Dojo Master: May I Help You?
Detective James Carter: I’ll be asking the questions old man. Who are you?
Dojo Master: Yu.
Detective James Carter: No not me you!
Dojo Master: Yes I’m Yu!
Detective James Carter: Are you deaf?
Dojo Master: No Yu is blind!
Detective James Carter: I’m not blind, you blind
Dojo Master: That is what I just said.
Detective James Carter: You just said what?
Dojo Master: I did not say what, I said Yu.
Detective James Carter: That’s what I’m asking you!
Dojo Master: And Yu is answering.
Detective James Carter: Shutup!
Detective James Carter: You!
Dojo Master: Yes?
Detective James Carter: Not You, Him! What’s Your name?
Dojo Student: Mi.
Detective James Carter: Yes You!
Dojo Student: I’m Mi.
Dojo Master: He’s Mi and I’m Yu.
Detective James Carter: And I’m about to whoop your old ass man because I am sick of playing games!