Powerpoint Song

June 26, 2007

I was at a service on Saturday which reminded me again of some of the common problems when people use powerpoint to display song words. Font too small, font colour too similar to background image, background images that inturde too much into the words, too many background images, no easy way to correct problems on the fly without interupting the event….

It was because of these sort of problems that some years ago we pushed for using software designed specifically for use in church worship. After looking at a few we settled on EasyWorship and if I started to list all the benefits I could be here all day. Anyway, I came across this today (to the tune “All I once held dear” short mp3 here)

All the hymnbooks that we used to use
Hvae been thrown in the recycling bin
With the photocopied service sheets
And the last remaining BCPs

Powerpoint pleases nobody
But it’s the latest thing
On a screen on the wall
Colours clash and writing small
And I hate it Lord

posted today on The Cartoon blog