Web 2.0?

Doesn’t sound that interesting a question, but this video explains it in some way and raises some interesting questions about online social networking and how certain concepts (copyright, collaboration, authorship, privacy, etc.) may need to be readdressed.  Are we creating the machine or is the machine evolving?

One Response to Web 2.0?

  1. Excellent video. Fantastic presentation, and quite astute. The web is people’s lives, thoughts, creations, personalities, truths and lies.Published and recorded.

    What concerns me is that archiving mentality displayed nowadays: the fact that you can use Google to access the cached histories of websites is very interesting. Being able to chart the growth and changes of a website (and therefore business, person, institution…you name it).

    And more and more people are plugging into the net: in doing that, they eventually add their personalities and opinions to the wealth of data which is already recorded about them (either by others or supplied by themselves).

    Do you ever publish something with the awareness that it will be available to read 5 years, 25 years, 250 years from now? There goes my plan for running for prime minister…

    I think a popular business idea would be to run a data investigation agency that allowed people to find out about themselves: how much personal info is published about them on the web…and perhaps how to undo some of that, too.

    Publishing law, IP law: will they ever be able to rewrite it to cope with the ever-morphing entity that is the internet?

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