lack of inspiration

June 14, 2007

I’ve been poking around with a video project for three hours with no inspiration at all.  Keep adding things then taking them away again, can’t get anything I’m happy with.  Nothing flowing at all!  Arrghhh – frustrated!

I’m now going to give up and play some violent playstation game for a while!

Climging exercises

June 14, 2007

So I managed to get to the climbing centre again the other day.  Still trying to find regular climbing partners to get into the swing of this, but that aside.

Climbing buddy who I’ll just call her The Scary One – ‘encouraged’ me to try this exercise to improve technique and trust in the climbing shoes (or just to laugh at my lack of the above technique and trust).  We were at what I think is called a ‘slab’ – i.e. wall which slopes slightly away from you as you climb and the idea was to climb  as far as possible without using hands at all.  So only leaning in towards the wall with your hands flat on the wall and using the shoes only to get as far as possible.

I found it really hard not to hold on to anything and I do tend not to be too comfortable when I only have half a toe on a tiny bump in the wall to hold me, so this was certainly good for my confidence.   So, thanks to ‘The Scary One’ for bullying me :-)

OK, I don’t know if this is a really obvious or well known exercise to do but I thought I would ask if anyone knows any other tips for beginners like this one?