+ve or -ve (again)

June 3, 2007

too tired to blog ‘properly’ so return of the weekly summary…

-ve  good friend moved away from Glasgow :-(
+ve I now have someone to visit in London :- )
+ve discovered a new (to me) band Nouvelle Vague thanks to m0ok posting this video….

Youtube video link

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  the simplicity, fun, mood, pace, I’ve just keep playing it over all week.

-ve  I then discovered this band played Glasgow LAST week
+ve had lunch with a couple of friends from church
-ve  wasn’t able to catch up with another friend passing through town for one night only
+ve did some filming in Glasgow Uni and Glasgow Cathedral
+ve started working with J&G on a proposal for taking Deep River (and some of the Deeper team) to ‘do worship’ at a big event next year.
+ve got back to work on a project for the church that has been frustrating but might be moving again
-ve  all of the last three +ves mean a LOT more work
-ve  Big Brother started this week –ve because I will become hooked fairly shortly if the past years are anything to go by.
+ve managed to clear out rubbish that has been collecting in church for far too long: old VCRs, broken computer monitors and random bits that collect.
-ve  work has been very hectic with two actual deadlines coming up (I tend not to have any deadlines in my current post.
-ve  car playing up and can’t be bothered doing anything about it.
+ve spend some time catching up with 24
-ve  weather has been lousy, no chance of cycling to work and haven’t done any other kind of exercise either.
+ve managed to get back to work on a wedding video for a friend who got married last year.  I would like to have this completed for their anniversary if not before.
+ve worked on follow-spot for New Scottish Choir and Orchestra gig in City Halls last night.

which gives me +2 leading into another fairly hectic week.  Could do with a holiday.