Movie: Next

I been watching a lot of movies recently, but all at home on DVD and mostly “American Independent” films because of the course I’ve been going to. So it was good to get to the multiplex to see a blockbuster.  Next

Next poster The premise of the story is straight forward, a bloke (Nick Cage) can see what is about to happen to him, i.e. can see into the future but only by a few minutes and only his own immediate future. This means that he can try out various possibilities of what is about to happen, ‘see’ the results and then use the best option. So if he is going to drive through a red light he ‘sees’ that in the future he drives through the light and crashes, so chooses not to (or as it is a film, to speed up and just miss the crash somehow). For some reason which is never really made very clear this has come to the attention of an FBI agent who wants to use this power to figure out where something bad is going to happen.

It is a good escapist thrill-ride type film that when it is finished I would like to have rewound to watch a few bits again. Not because you were left with questions but because with the after-knowledge of the plot twists there were new ways of looking at what happened (as in Fight Club, not that this had the same twist or was as good as that film).

Nicely put together, good pace, etc. a little over CG’d at times would be my only complaint. Worth catching while it is still around on the big screen.

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