May 18, 2007

A few weeks ago I mentioned:

“-ve Got a ticket on my car (which is parked out front and hasn’t moved since Thursday) for not displaying the Tax Disk. The disk holder had pealed away in the heat and the disk fell out!” 

Well, a little update on that.  I sent a letter asking for a court appearance and explaining that (in my opinion) I had done everything that could be reasonable expected to display my tax disk… bought the thing, bought a tax disk holder and assembled the two items in the usual way.

How then could it be my fault that it got hot and the tax disk holder pealed away from the window and fell out of sight.  I was preparing my defense for my day in court and all I could think of was claiming it was an act of God and calling God to the stand.

Anyway, a letter arrived today from the Police saying “in this instance there are circumstances present which permit me to direct cancellation of..”

I would have love it to have said “Aye, good point.  Don’t worry ’bout it.” but I guess the point is it was worth arguing the fairness in this case.