+ve or -ve week5

May 13, 2007

(missed week 4 because I was away on Sunday – now I’m not sure if this counts for two weeks worth or not, lets just see what happens)

+ve Found my shades

+ve First two proper session of the film course at the GFT

-ve didn’t eat much fruit

+ve cycled into work most days in first week
-ve didn’t cycle at all the next week (wet and cold)

+ve away for the weekend to Wanlochead
+ve met new people and got to know others better
+ve visited a nice little local church
+ve went for first proper hill walk in far too long
+ve took lots of photos
+ve shot some video
-ve someone (no names) left the window open all night and it was freezing
-ve missed Jo who popped up to Glasgow for a random visit only to find everyone away :-)

-ve didn’t manage to meet up with prayer triplet as planned…
+ve …and then we did get together :-)

-ve had to pay lots of money out this week for things I need but don’t really want

+ve sorted out photos from weekend away

+ve put together a silly video from weekend away

-ve haven’t spent enough time preparing for meeting on 19th!

-ve haven’t tidied up video work I wanted to do this week

-ve still can’t fix that audio problem on my laptop
+ve sorted audio problem on laptop

+ve voted in the Scottish and Local elections

+ve got rid of my land line phone at long last – why was I paying a line rental when I never called anyone on it and most times it rang it was a call center somewhere. So now only paying £20/month for more cable TV than I would ever be interested in watching and broadband lifeline. That seems good to me.

-ve need a new mobile deal

-ve doing frustrating job at work at the moment

+ve spent (too much) money on item from Ikea
-ve had to adapt item from Ikea to do what I wanted

+++++ve Just found out about a new life – baby born just under two hours ago! Can’t get better than that.  Congat’s to all!

Amazingly enough that looks to me like another +3!!  (kind of depends if you count the weekend as +1 or all the individual elements within the weekend)

Food: Mrs Majhu’s

May 13, 2007

D: is for Mrs Majhu’s

A few months ago a friend suggested we go for a meal in pay-week and work our way through the restaurants going through the alphabet.. we had recently been to Cafe Andaluz, so started with *B*aby Grand then last month was *C*otiers, so this month was ‘D’ Now the person tasked with booking The Dinning Room on Byres Road ran into problems – it’s closed. So he just booked the new place that has opened on the same premises and so D: is for Mrs Majhu’s !? On a side note we were joined this month by Mr De-‘Beat Attitude’ which kind of makes up for it.

So Mrs Majhu’s – 41 Byres Road, has only been open for about four weeks, and is lovely! It is Indian cuisine but there is no korma, pasanda, tika masala or even nan on the menu here. Instead a nice mix of starters and selection of main courses with chicken, lamb and vegetable choices of course, but also a salmon dish and one with cod which both sounded interesting.

However, after spending last weekend in a village where there were more sheep and lambs than people – I went for “Lamb cooked in spices with spinach” (or something like that, I didn’t take notes at the time), the others had a couple of the chicken dishes. To accompany these we had a few dishes of rice and a couple of chapatti options (one of these chapatti’s was a bit too oily for us, but as I didn’t catch what it was this isn’t turning into too useful a review).

Mrs Majhus

The lamb was fantastic! It was perfectly cooked to melt-in-the-mouth texture nicely spiced but not so much that overpowered the taste of the meat itself. One of the chicken dishes was a little too salty for one person but everyone enjoyed the meal. The surroundings were nice, although perhaps a little cramped as we tried to get five around a table meant for four. The staff were friendly and efficient although thrown a little when asked if there was any way that the restaurant could change it’s name to something starting with ‘D’!