Audio wont play from youtube on mac

May 10, 2007

I mentioned previously that I lost audio from various online videos on my mac.  While this was frustrating I’ve never had the chance to spend much time on it, and re-installing anything didn’t make any difference.  I finally found the solution and so will post it here…

Open /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup

Audio MIDI Setup

in the bottom right corner change the settings to around 44Khz and Flash video will return straight away.

I would like to explain all the reasons why this has to happen, but I can’t be bothered looking into it I’m fed up enough that this issue is so hard to troubleshoot.  I am now going to pepper the rest of this post with lots of keywords just in case others have the same problem and this solution may be found easier…

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Wanlockhead – the video

May 10, 2007

Short video from the weekend, the ripping noise around the middle of this video IS a muscle ripping :-) enjoy.
(if you can’t view it above, goto )