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I have taken the last two or three weeks to read (or at least catch up with) a fantastic blog. What I found unique about this blog is that it has a defined start point and purpose, which makes it well worth going back to May 2006 and read the full thing.

It is written by this human:
Dave Rat
(I really like his turn of phrase ‘humans’ and may directly steel this)


Who is sound engineer on tour with these guys:
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers home page


His office look like this:
Dave Rat at work
Explanation of why they are in swim suits

This is far from just a blog about music or technical ‘sound engineering’ stuff (some sections are clearly marked as “sound nerd speak” so that if it gets too in depth you can skip it). It certainly would be of interest to Peppers fans, but isn’t full of backstage gossip on the band in fact they are almost incidental to most of what goes on.  What I find fascinating is the look behind what goes into putting on a live rock show and moving it from place to place. It is also an amusing look into the life or a Roadie and a travelogue of what happens on thier days off in various cities around the world (for example, a day off in Glasgow from last year) not to mention their traveling and hotel adventures. It is highly amusing, at times moving, and always interesting.

There are too many threads to this blog to pull out any highlights it was a really fun read as a catch up and I’m looking forward to the ongoing adventures of a sound man on tour.  If you can, take the time to read the full thing it is worth it.  If you really can’t then at least read the opening month or so to get the hang of what is going on before plugging into what is happening now.

Roadies in the Midst – Dave Rat tours with the Red Hot Chili Peppers  (the blog)

Or, to read from the start

One Response to Rat’s Blog

  1. Dave Rat says:

    Wow! Thank you! Honored for the props!!


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