Best Top Gear EVER!

Have to mention this weeks Top Gear, but I’m not sure how to refer to it…
– episode 3 of 2007 series I think, or
– “the one where they bought a car each to travel across America”  or
– the one first broadcast on Sunday 11th Feb, or something.

It had me doubled over on the floor with tears running down my face.  So funny! Well put together and you didn’t have to know anything about cars.

Totally brilliant AND I recorded it!

right, back to work…

3 Responses to Best Top Gear EVER!

  1. Ghostrose says:

    I call it ‘The One With The Cow.’

  2. Gordon says:

    A friend in need is definetly not Jeremy “Get the hell out of Dodge” Clarkson….

  3. horsedrowner says:

    What was the name of the church in new orleans?

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