The Tomb of Jesus

February 28, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk about another one of those ‘the bible isn’t true, look here we can prove it’ things.  This one is based around the recent ‘archaeological discovery of the Tomb of Jesus’ – yea right.  Oh and apparently the tomb of his wife and child, cat, dog, baby sitter and financial advisor…  do I sound cynical?

However, the best comment I’ve read so far has to be from Scott Adams [The Dilbert Blog] who said:

I can imagine the moment they removed the lid and looked in. If it were me, I’d wonder if I was going to see one of the following:

1. Nothing
2. Decomposed stuff
3. Jesus sitting up and saying, “What in Dad’s name took you so long?”

read full article here it’s worth it…

I predict that this show will have a lot of “here is what the Bible says but what if…” and then “this could mean the end of Christianity…”,  and the odd “we are now much more enlightened, intelligent and advanced than those who wrote the bible…” and perhaps ending in “we can’t actually prove any of this, but it is interesting isn’t it”..

It looks like this will air on Discovery on Sunday at 9pm.  However, it is up against the 10th hour of 24 and I have no idea what will happen to Jack Bauer, so I think I’ll watch that instead.  [update: now that SKY has pulled the plug on cable customers I might end up watching this after all … or go to the pub after church – decisions, decisions ]

[*] I’m not going to link to The Discovery Channel site, because it is crap.  It started launching video clips and flashy stuff for no reason and just got on my nerves – a good TV channel but crappy web site – don’t go there.

Movie Sequels

February 27, 2007

I didn’t bother with the latest Rocky film when it came out.  I didn’t think much of any of the franchise except perhaps the first one.  But some sequels you just know will be good.  I didn’t know they were making this one till Jonathan Ross closed Film 2007 with the trailer tonight – I can’t wait!

(if you can’t see the video above goto: )

99 Ways to Tell a Story

February 25, 2007

99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden

Just finished this fascinating little book – thanks Ross. It’s a cartoon (or graphic novel if you feel posh) format, which isn’t something I’ve ever been heavily into but this doesn’t take away from the concept.

Based on original work by the French writer and poet Raymond Queneau the idea is to take a simple story (in this case a one-page 8 frame comic) and tell it in 99 different ways, some obvious, some very obscure, abstract, strange and funny. The web site Exercises in Style give some sample pages and give a good idea of how it works but working through all the variations is worth the effort.


Hopefully some of this might rub off on my video work and I’ll be able to twist things up a bit. However, I still can’t think of many more ways of presenting the ‘email videos’ I’m working on at the moment.

24 Lost ?!

February 24, 2007

I’ve been with NTL for six years – I wouldn’t recommend them because their customer services are crap!  Now they seem to have been bought over by Virgin and have been re-branded as Virgin Media.  Fair enough, I’ve always liked the Virgin brand since first discovering the biggest music shop in Glasgow way back in the 80s.

So, good news, they can’t be any worse and must have some new innovations.

But, now I have a massive dilemma!

BBC News Online

Depending on the spin, it looks like Sky are pulling various channels from being broadcast by Virgin Media.  This wouldn’t bother me much as the majority of Sky One is repeats but then there is 24!!!

What to do?  Switch to Sky who I think are trying to bully Virgin Media customers to switch just for the sake of one show.   Or give the Virgin brand a chance to prove themselves in this market?  At the moment, I can’t even find out when these channels will disappear, so I’m not sure what to do.

Of course in an ideal world the BBC would be able to pay for the top premium shows that seem to get snapped up by the Sky.  Then instead of paying for a digital subscription on top of the licence fee there could just be a premium licence fee for additional shows.

Can I survive without 24, especially as we aren’t even half way thought Day6!?  If only Jack Bauer could knock Branson and Murdoc heads together and sort things out.

Online purchase

February 22, 2007

I recently bought a body bag online, (a ‘disposable disaster pouch’ actually as this was the cheapest type of body bag available and I don’t need to re-use this).  I can’t say what it is for (yet), but be assured that this is not for its ‘normal’ purpose.

The first big problem was that ‘1 body bag’ didn’t come up to the minimum purchase for the site so I had to look for something else I could get from an “International Supplier of Medical, First Aid, Ambulance, Paramedic & Rescue Equipment” web site – I got a small torch.  Two days later the torch arrived but I’ve just had to send an email chasing up my body bag.  Do they do police checks for this sort of thing?

Now I need to find an online survey that asks:

What was your most recent online purchases…

  • books
  • music
  • clothing
  • other (please specify)

Anyone bought anything as unusual as this ?

Movie: Hot Fuzz

February 19, 2007

Hot FuzzEdgar Wright (co-writer & director) and Simon Pegg (co-writer & actor) team up for another fantastic British comedy. Shaun of the Dead was a great movie for its horror mixed with comedy and again Hot Fuzz bridges those genres very well, while keeping it all very British. The story, put in its simplest and non-spoiler way is about a by-the-books extremely efficient policeman sent to a backwater country town where nothing ever happens (apparently). The outcome is fantastic.

The cast is immense if often underused with cameos from too many quality actors and comics to mention. There is a lot of homage paid to some of the best known US ‘buddy-cop’ movies but these are referenced so directly (i.e. the characters talk about and even watch their favourite cop movies) that you don’t have to know these films before hand. The final ‘show down’ is so fantastic because it all takes place in such a normal peaceful little town. Great film – go and see it now, then pre-order the DVD as soon as you can! hot fuzz

There are lots of fantastic lines to quote but some give away too much so I’ll only put up this one:

“If you wanna be a big cop in a small town.. then *beep* off up the model village”

Deeper – 18 Feb 2006

February 19, 2007

Some links following up from this month’s Deeper service

and some comments…