Back from Deep Impact

January 25, 2007

Meanwhile, back in Glasgow I missed the first Deeper service of a series studying the letters to the 7 churches from the start of Revelations.  Last night we had the monthly Deeper planning meeting and from this and other people I’ve heard that Sunday night went really well.

It certainly passed the key questions of:  Did anyone die?  Was there a fire?   Basically if the answer to those questions are ‘no’ and there has been no other need to call emergency services then the event went well.  Any other complaints or concerns can be dealt with in some way.  Perhaps this is a throw back to being involved in youth events and I shouldn’t be thinking this in the context of a ‘normal’ worship service but it is a useful base line :-)

There has been some good feedback to the two videos made for Deeper, which is always good, and now I have to make one of the ’email videos’ for each of the series.  Also, no one has mentioned being distracted or botherd that we were filming Gordon’s talk.  We are looking at ways of making teaching resources to go with each letter/topic as we go along.

At Deep Impact

January 25, 2007

As previously mentioned, I spent the weekend in Aviemore at Deep Impact 2007.  Here is a time-lapse video of us setting up the ‘tech desk’ at the start of the weekend.  I hope to get around to uploading more photos and perhaps even put together a short video of the worship, but I haven’t even looked at the footage yet.

if you can’t see above, the video is…

This photo at least shows the front of house set up,  we were able to set up three projectors.  Which meant that we had the middle screen for song words, while the side screens were dedicated to video to ‘enhance’ worship.  We certainly had good feedback from people saying it was good, but the sight lines weren’t ideal and not knowing the band too well made it hard to fit things too tightly.

Deep River at Deep Impact 2007

On the down side, I had put a lot of work into getting some product ready and we only made one sale.  I think we gave away about 100-150 sample CDs and leaflets, so the next few weeks might bring some interest.

Meanwhile, back here there is a pile of video work waiting to be done.  I’m a little daunted by the shear amount of stuff to be done and need to get a handle on this soon.