Off to Deep Impact

January 18, 2007
Deep Impact is “Scotlands National Youthwork Training event. For those in voluntary or paid Youthwork.” I’m working there providing visuals for the main sessions as part of DeepRiver and along side GBR, as well as having a resources stand to show off our stuff. DeepImpact logo

I find youthwork events difficult now that I’m not involved in regular youthwork any more, but it will be good to catch up with some folk. The worst thing about this weekend – worse than having to share a room with someone I don’t know and not knowing if his snoring will keep me awake or the other way around – This is a Deeper weekend. Not only is this a Deeper weekend it is the first weekend of a new series of Deeper services based around the ‘letters to the churches’ from Revelation.

Really disappointed to miss this and I hope (HINT HINT) someone might take some pics, and write something that I can put in the archive…. So, off to Aviemore and no idea if there will be wifi or time to use it.