BBC News pictures

January 6, 2007
screen grab from bbc web site I feel a fraud! Mainly because although it was my camera and I was there and I downloaded the photo and submitted it and all that… Isabel actually took this pic because I was doing video at the time.

I also didn’t know that they would quote from the email as I would have said something more chearful than “the best New Year for a long time” sounds like I’ve never had a good Hogmanay… ohh dear.

But hey, I got a mention on the BBC News pages and not in a bad way :-)

I’m glad they used this photo becuase the guy shown seemed to be one of the key organisers and it didn’t look like it was his first time. I’ve thought about submitting a photo to the BBC web site for a while, shame it’s not all my own work.

Other photos from Hogmanay are…