Superspy Scuffle: the ongoing debate

December 29, 2006

Gordon started it by asking “who’s the hardest? Ethan Hunt? (The new) James Bond? Jack Bauer? Austin Powers?”

The original question prompted 14 comments coming firmly to the conclusion that Jack Bauer is the hardest! My own contribution was to cull these facts about Jack from the internet. This debate was resurrected recently when the world got to see the new James Bond. I said “I still think Jack Bauer is better than James Bond, but only because it will take a long time to justify Roger Moore as a credible hard man” Jack Bauer

Inexplicably Gordon seems to be undecided again after seeing Casino Royale!! He wrote “the time has again come for you to decide who is the hardest: Bauer (weak American coffee man) or Bond (Scottish educated on-the-spot-cocktail-maker-upper).”

However, as unofficial supplier of 24 to the Cheung’s, and with the immanent beginning of Day6 on Sky One in January, here for me is the ultimate proof that Jack Bauer is harder than James Bond

Jack Bauer bond pic

The most controversial scene from Casino Royale is the torture scene, which is worse in the book from what I can remember. There is no doubt it takes a special kind of fictional super spy to take that kind of treatment, and many men will no longer use wicker chairs with any degree of comfort.

However, I’ve just seen the 10 min Prequel to Day6 !!! Day6 picks up 7 months after Day5 where it appears Jack has been under constant torture by the Chinese – 7 months of torture and he hasn’t broken – Bond’s torture only went on for a few minutes. The incident shown in the prequel (and I can’t give too much away) shows a compltely different level (and type) of torture that Jack is exposed to. And let’s not forget that back at the end of Day4 Jack Bauer died and was resurrected to get away from the Chinese, lived in exile and lost all contact with all friends and family…

Jack Bauer is the ultimate hard man super spy and could even wear a Rangers top in the Celtic end of an Old Firm Match and survive!

Day6 starts some time in January and I can’t wait!!

24Day6: the trailer

December 29, 2006

YouTube Trailer for Day6 of 24 [ ]

Also, a full 10 min Day6 Prequel available from Sky One here – I can’t get a direct link to it but easy enough to follow the links…