Car Crash 5 – the end

December 22, 2006

10 Nov – Car Crash

11 Nov – Car Crash 2 – forgiveness

14 Nov – Car Crash 3 – The Phone Calls

16 Nov – Car Crash 4 – Written Off

And so it ends… on Monday 18th Dec the insurance company had paid up and came to collect the hire car (well sort of, the pick up was changed to the next day, and as I couldn’t be around the lovely Lou and Colin at Biblocafe stepped in and held the car keys for me so that the collection could take place).

I began this saga saying “I don’t have much luck with cars”. I don’t have much luck in general which kind of makes me thing about ‘luck’ itself and should Christians believe in ‘luck’. However, as I was pondering this I got a phone call from Andy – the mechanic I’ve been using for years… it went something like:

Andy: Are you still looking for a car
Me: yes
Andy: This one has come in, same as you had before, one year newer at 2002, ehh it’s racing green, same engine size, 30000 miles, they are looking for £3000
: ehhh [ Think Think – I should ask some sensible vehicle related question ]… does it have a sun roof?
Andy: I don’t think so, around 2002 they started putting in AC instead of sunroofs
: [Think Think – Ohhh AC = Air conditioning ] great that’s fine, I never really used the sunroof anyway. OK, that all sounds good I’ll go for it.

So, it looks like I will only have ended up off the road for a week or so and will have got a newer, lower milage car for a few hundred quid. Well, a few hundred quid, lot of phone calls, forms, lifts, time off work, parking permits, road tax, parking permits (again), insurance again and another parking permit still to come! – what are the chances of all that before Christmas!



One thing I will state publicly have been excellent. Have dealt with every enquiry quickly, called back promptly if needed, paid up, helped out and given me a good price on my new insurance. Other than the slightly crap TV adverts Elephant have been great!

As you can probably tell from the above (and from the fact that I’m buying a second Rover) I am not a petrol head and only watch Top Gear for the entertainment not to find out anything about cars.