Carols by Candlelight (the aftermath)

December 20, 2006

I am my own worst critic – well, actually that doesn’t make sense, I am actually a very good critic of my own work. The only thing I can focus on after big events (like the Carol Service) is the things that went wrong. So, I’ve left it a couple of days to get some perspective on this and to see what sort of feedback we can get.

As usual, (thankfully) lots of people have said that they liked the service, but in particular a lot of folk seem to be using the same phrase which I don’t remember people saying before – “The best Carol service yet”. Now that is something to live up to.Certainly several things worked really well this year. The combination of band & singers, sometimes being joined by choir was nice. The mix of funny, yet meaningful dramas very well delivered and the interaction of technology with that live drama… I liked what I saw of the lighting effects on the odd occasion that I looked up. I also thought that David pitched his talk at just the right level for that kind of service.

Again, as I said before the event, the important things are:“will people bring friends?” well the numbers on the doors were around 340 I think, although I forgot to find out if this includes the team who were already in the building or not. Either way this is more than the average service, so obviously there must have been guests. According to Nick’s blog, there were at least 12 guests and I’m sure there were more than that.

“Will people from the community come?” really hard to know. I think only time will tell and in years to come I look forward to hearing people say they became a Christian through Alpha and came to that after attending a Carol Service.

“What will God do?”… well, he kept us going, inspired, equipped and who knows how he spoke to people’s hearts.


We asked someone to focus on taking photos during the service and I haven’t seen these yet. However I have uploaded a few photos I took, mostly during the rehearsals to the St Silas FLICKR site. I’ve also added the photos gadgetvicar took and blogged here although, I’m a little annoyed that four of these eight pics show massive mistakes that we were making at the time – fortunately we recovered from this error at the start of the service and hopefully few people noticed or were distracted by it.


Carols 2006

Carols 2006

Carols 2006

Carols 2006