Time is an illusion

December 1, 2006

Douglas Adams famously wrote, “Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so”

I have spent the evening working on a video. It took around two hours of just messing with the audio to get the effect I was looking for and three hours adding text. There was no filmed footage or transitions, etc. just generated text.

So five hours of fairly constant work… how long do you think the finished video is? … go on have a guess… I’ll write it backwards so as not to give it away.

5 hours effort = etunim eno naht ssel  –  of actual video.

And I don’t really like it much.

OK, so now that I’ve sorted out the sound effect I want, it should just be a case of duplicating that for other audio track. Also, now that I have a half dozen or so “ways of displaying text” I will re-use them for consistency, so the others shouldn’t take so long. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Oh well, better back it up anyway.

Late work cartoon