Superspy Scuffle: the ongoing debate

December 29, 2006

Gordon started it by asking “who’s the hardest? Ethan Hunt? (The new) James Bond? Jack Bauer? Austin Powers?”

The original question prompted 14 comments coming firmly to the conclusion that Jack Bauer is the hardest! My own contribution was to cull these facts about Jack from the internet. This debate was resurrected recently when the world got to see the new James Bond. I said “I still think Jack Bauer is better than James Bond, but only because it will take a long time to justify Roger Moore as a credible hard man” Jack Bauer

Inexplicably Gordon seems to be undecided again after seeing Casino Royale!! He wrote “the time has again come for you to decide who is the hardest: Bauer (weak American coffee man) or Bond (Scottish educated on-the-spot-cocktail-maker-upper).”

However, as unofficial supplier of 24 to the Cheung’s, and with the immanent beginning of Day6 on Sky One in January, here for me is the ultimate proof that Jack Bauer is harder than James Bond

Jack Bauer bond pic

The most controversial scene from Casino Royale is the torture scene, which is worse in the book from what I can remember. There is no doubt it takes a special kind of fictional super spy to take that kind of treatment, and many men will no longer use wicker chairs with any degree of comfort.

However, I’ve just seen the 10 min Prequel to Day6 !!! Day6 picks up 7 months after Day5 where it appears Jack has been under constant torture by the Chinese – 7 months of torture and he hasn’t broken – Bond’s torture only went on for a few minutes. The incident shown in the prequel (and I can’t give too much away) shows a compltely different level (and type) of torture that Jack is exposed to. And let’s not forget that back at the end of Day4 Jack Bauer died and was resurrected to get away from the Chinese, lived in exile and lost all contact with all friends and family…

Jack Bauer is the ultimate hard man super spy and could even wear a Rangers top in the Celtic end of an Old Firm Match and survive!

Day6 starts some time in January and I can’t wait!!

24Day6: the trailer

December 29, 2006

YouTube Trailer for Day6 of 24 [ ]

Also, a full 10 min Day6 Prequel available from Sky One here – I can’t get a direct link to it but easy enough to follow the links…

Christmas Eve ‘Service’

December 25, 2006
A lovely watchnight service to see in Christmas day.  As ever there was a strange mix of visitors and guests (I’m making the distinction between people with St Silas regulars and those with little or no regular connection).

Christian Okake spoke and then straight after the service went on to serve by helping Alison change a flat tyre.  OK, so I say ‘helping’ Alison change the tyre, but with three ‘wise men’ from the church around there wasn’t much they would let her do.  In addition to this there was soon an audience of four to cheer on / supervise and then I came along and did the only thing left to do – take photos.

And so begins Christmas day with a good deed among the fellowship of St Silas.



How to: Have a Happy Christmas…

December 24, 2006

I often wish I could see the bright side first, see the positive and not just everything that can and therefore probably will go wrong.  I wish I could just BE happier.  But it doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, in case anyone else doesn’t find Christmas very Happy, I thought I would share this post on the Embody blog titled “How to: have a Happy Christmas

It has both useful and practical, it has things to say, do and contemplate over the next few days and can’t do any harm.  Oh well.

Movie: DeJa Vu

December 23, 2006

Interesting thriller based around time travel-ish technology.  Some new technology lets people view four and a bit days into the past, within a given area of where the equipment is.  So taking it to the scene of a crime (in this case a terrorist strike killing over 500 people) means that investigators can use this to view the crime. But can they change the past?

Denzel Washington is a great lead as the investigator pulled into all this. The Cinematography is outstanding, particularly striking during the bomb scene and when zooming around ‘in the past’. Set in New Orleans in present time the film compares the terrorist attack that takes place to the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina as well as issues of ‘cause and effect’, ‘can we change the past’, ‘what difference do small decisions make to long term outcomes’, etc. movie poster

A good thriller, which doesn’t unfold as expected. I am glad that I didn’t recognise the baddy in this film as the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ.

Denny: You know you don’t have to do this.
Doug Carlin: What if I already have?


December 23, 2006

Moby’s Christmas thoughts …

Car Crash 5 – the end

December 22, 2006

10 Nov – Car Crash

11 Nov – Car Crash 2 – forgiveness

14 Nov – Car Crash 3 – The Phone Calls

16 Nov – Car Crash 4 – Written Off

And so it ends… on Monday 18th Dec the insurance company had paid up and came to collect the hire car (well sort of, the pick up was changed to the next day, and as I couldn’t be around the lovely Lou and Colin at Biblocafe stepped in and held the car keys for me so that the collection could take place).

I began this saga saying “I don’t have much luck with cars”. I don’t have much luck in general which kind of makes me thing about ‘luck’ itself and should Christians believe in ‘luck’. However, as I was pondering this I got a phone call from Andy – the mechanic I’ve been using for years… it went something like:

Andy: Are you still looking for a car
Me: yes
Andy: This one has come in, same as you had before, one year newer at 2002, ehh it’s racing green, same engine size, 30000 miles, they are looking for £3000
: ehhh [ Think Think – I should ask some sensible vehicle related question ]… does it have a sun roof?
Andy: I don’t think so, around 2002 they started putting in AC instead of sunroofs
: [Think Think – Ohhh AC = Air conditioning ] great that’s fine, I never really used the sunroof anyway. OK, that all sounds good I’ll go for it.

So, it looks like I will only have ended up off the road for a week or so and will have got a newer, lower milage car for a few hundred quid. Well, a few hundred quid, lot of phone calls, forms, lifts, time off work, parking permits, road tax, parking permits (again), insurance again and another parking permit still to come! – what are the chances of all that before Christmas!



One thing I will state publicly have been excellent. Have dealt with every enquiry quickly, called back promptly if needed, paid up, helped out and given me a good price on my new insurance. Other than the slightly crap TV adverts Elephant have been great!

As you can probably tell from the above (and from the fact that I’m buying a second Rover) I am not a petrol head and only watch Top Gear for the entertainment not to find out anything about cars.