I saw a review of this fantastic looking Web2 application last week and keep thinking about it.  I use two separate calendar programs for “home plus the odd work thing” and “work plus the odd home thing” and sync one of those to my phone calendar at a frequency of between almost enough and not quite enough.

So an online calendar / to do list / organiser, etc. which can work offline, sync to my phone, send me reminders, do the washing up, and get me a coffee….  seems like the ‘holy grail’ of web apps to me right now.  The demo video is mouth watering – I particularly like the ‘thought-stream’ function and ‘paper-sync’ but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

(YouTube link if the above isn’t visible)

Scrybe web pageScrybe blog

However, the bad news is that it isn’t yet available.  It is still being developed.  There are a few blogs around saying it is a hoax or that they are only releasing ‘hints’ of what they have in mind to gather interest and sell the company off to one of the big players.  I don’t care – I want this!

I’ve registered to beta test but haven’t heard anything :-<

I was never any good at patience…..

One Response to Scrybe

  1. Graham C says:

    do these sorted things cost alot? (n00b) :P

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