Deeper September 2006

You are a Masterpiecefull service description here

September’s Deeper Service – there was a lot of work on this one, for everyone involved. For my part we had to sort out getting four projectors with dedicated laptops to run independent powerpoint presentations.The presentation itself was interesting; mixing well-known art pieces with photos of church members fitted into frames to look like the ‘fine art’. This was fun but I was a little nervous, as we didn’t get explicit permission to use these photos in these ways (I know, I know, but it is just sooo much hassle).

However, the main problem turned out to be getting four laptops to do the same thing. Logging in is the first problem, then resetting (well switching off) screen savers, turning off power saver options, setting the correct options on the secondary monitor, having the same version of powerpoint operating on all machines, having the right fonts on all machines…. ahhhh!In retrospect I could have made the presentations powerpoint shows (pps files), although I’m not sure that would have solved everything. It would also have been good to get all the laptops much earlier, but who was bringing what wasn’t as well organised as hoped.

The aim of all this effort was to create an immersive experience for those coming into the service – for people to come to the service and experience being at an art exhibition. We got positive feedback at the end but I would like to know what it was like for someone coming to church expecting a service – especially someone for the first time?

One very positive outcome is that I borrowed a projector from a friend who is now away for the week – so big screen playstation week begins :-)


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