West End Festival 2006 (part 2)

Gibson Street Party [see photos on FLICKR]
this is the second year that Gibson Street and Eldon Street have been closed down for a Street Party as part of the West End Festival. This was great fun and the church had a better chance of getting involved. All the businesses in the area (mostly pubs, cafes and restaurants anyway) spread out into the street setting up BBQs and portable kitchens.

There is also a lot of music. Most places seemed to take the easy route of having a DJ go nuts pumping out dance music to a crowd that was never going to dance, but there were also a couple of stages for bands and solo singers to do their stuff. My favourite (OK the only one I really got into all day) was the Clan Wallace Band [warning, slow link]- one piper and four drummers with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Here is a short Quick Time movie.

Outside the church we had a stall sampling fair trade delights – we were giving away (mostly although people don't always like that concept and insist on paying) tea, coffee, juice, chocolates, cooking made with fair trade ingredients – all that sort of thing. Meanwhile inside the church there was lots going on, a cafe, 2nd hand books to browse, a kids movie, etc. as well as people getting ready for the Deeper service that evening.A highlight of the day for me was getting hold of a couple of PureGlasgow Tshirts. I first saw these at last year's street party and although you can get them on line I was waiting for this years to finally pick up some more. I like the design (although I do not in any way condone the climbing onto or damaging in any way of any of Glasgow's monuments). Fair Trade at Church

Pure Glasgow stall

A good day – the weather could have been better but not the atmosphere. And at the end of all that we had a Deeper service all about being a dwelling place and being in fellowship with one another. Right off to bed me thinks.

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