This will never catch on…

May 31, 2006

Times online reported:

"THE Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust in Truro is introducing a new communications system that allows staff to contact each other instantly anywhere in the hospital through a voice-activated badge.

The hands-free device operates on a wireless local area network, weighs less than two ounces and enables users to speak to each other by saying a person’s name or department. They are automatically connected with the appropriate person and can speak to them just as on a normal telephone."

Is it just me but doesn't "saying the person's name" mean "whatever you do don't gossip"!!! 

STcommunicator.jpg Even in Star Trek they had to tap the communicator badge, but were still somehow always able to only reach the person they wanted to talk to.

Just so holy!

May 29, 2006


I've been tidying up a little and found this pic taken at a Deeper service a few months ago.  It simply shows that the worship leaders in our church are fully anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Pictured are Adam and Jenny.

The Da Vinci Code

May 25, 2006

I’ve read the book, so had to see the movie. Went to see it with Rob, which was good and bumped into some friends on the way out, which was good. As for the movie itself I disagree with Nick and many others who don’t like this film, but it was fine.

The film used some nice techniques to press so much information into a movie and kept the pace rolling along. There were also some good mise en scène touches like the English stuff in Teabing house. It’s main downfall is that the story is a series of secrets and codes which most people know because they have read the book. So, go see it if you haven’t read the book, if you have then don’t expect many surprises.


Robert Langdon: I'm into something here that I cannot understand.


May 22, 2006

More and more people are starting up blogs. I still don't think of this as a blog – it is an easy way to keep things I want to keep in a single easy to use and access space. Kind of like a log. A log of things that I want to keep and I'll keep it on the web – kind of like a web-log. Hmmm, I seem to be blogging.

However, I don't see the need to use this for random thought that I think people might be interested in. This post is of course the exception – perhaps if I don't watch out I'll start blogging.


Big Brother 7

May 17, 2006

Every year I try not to watch Big Brother. I don't like the way they seem to make it into a 'freak show' with some strange examples of society. I don't like the way people behave on the show, the obsessive nature of the media, etc. But somehow every year I get drawn in. It is totally addictive and I am a sucker for it.

So this year I am giving up before it even starts. By this time tomorrow we will have watched one of the worst episodes as all the housemates are slowly introduced and stuck in the house one by one. How many "Oh my God"'s will there be?

I will get annoyed by them, but somehow I will also not be able to stop watching them – like a car crash happening in ever so slow motion over the next couple of months.

The official site:
Digitalspy BB:
Digitalspy live updates:

New Photos

May 14, 2006

New post in Photo Diary section, from Joshua's birthday BBQ yesterday.

Single Issues

May 13, 2006

There has been a course at St Silas recently called Single Issues. Although it sounds like a dating or matchmaking thing it really isn't! The idea is to look at issues in life and church from a single person's point of view – what issues face single people in the church, are they treated differently from married folk, all that sort of thing.

It has been interesting to discuss some of these issues with the viraity of people who have been doing this. You see, not all single people are desperate not to be single and not all single people have always been single and nobody(!!!) has the right to assume they know what it is like on the other side of the fence.

Married people don't know what it is like being [mumble] years old and single, if they got married at a young age. They don't know what is like being part of a church for [mumble] years that (rightly) celebrates marriage and family and births, etc. and not being able to be part of that side of church life. And they can't know what it is like not knowing if you will ever find the 'right' person. Also, I don't know what it is like being married and 'settled down', being loved and supported and able to love and support your partner. Nor do I know what it is like to be locked into a loveless or empty marriage.

I think society in general is fairly rough on single people – see Bridget Jones for example. But there is a lot more pressure in church:

* How many time is marriage and having kids assumed to be the 'norm'?
* How often is the model of marriage and family used as examples from the front?
* Are single people seen as folk with all the extra time to do the jobs that those with families can't?
* How often are single people asked "so how’s the love life?" or "are you seeing anyone YET?"

I don't go to a perfect church (for a start I'm in it), but we aren't too bad. Some of the regular preachers are single, I can't think of an area of service where there are disproportionate number of single folk involved rather than married, including a good mix of people on the Vestry (decision making committee) of the church. Yet it can still feel like your failing to be a 'full person' if you're not with another person, haven't managed to get your name on the 'marriage banner' or contributed to the 'cradle roll' (or fertility score board as some call it).

I used to think this was just things I felt because I am in the category of 'single but would rather not be', but at least I've learned enough from the Single Issues course to know that it isn't just me.

Hmmm, not really sure where all that came from because I just thought about this when I saw today's Dilbert cartoon and wanted an excuse to post it: